Facility Name:ConAgra Foods Inc.
Facility Identifier:
Facility Reporting Year:2020
Facility Location:
Address: 30 MARR STREET
State: PA
Postal Code: 17847

Facility Site Details:
CO2 equivalent emissions from facility subparts C-II, SS, and TT (metric tons):35,961.5
CO2 equivalent emissions from supplier subparts LL-QQ (metric tons):
Biogenic CO2 emissions from facility subparts C-II, SS, and TT (metric tons):0
Cogeneration Unit Emissions Indicator:N
GHG Report Start Date:2020-01-01
GHG Report End Date:2020-12-31
Description of Changes to Calculation Methodology:
Plant Code Indicator:N
Primary NAICS Code:311422
Second Primary NAICS Code:

Parent Company Details:
Parent Company Name:CONAGRA BRANDS INC
Address:9 Conagra Drive, Omaha,  NE 68102
Percent Ownership Interest:100

Subpart C: General Stationary Fuel Combustion

Gas Information Details

Gas NameCarbon Dioxide
Gas Quantity35,924.2 (Metric Tons)
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Gas NameBiogenic Carbon dioxide
Gas Quantity0 (Metric Tons)
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Gas NameMethane
Gas Quantity0.68 (Metric Tons)
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Gas NameNitrous Oxide
Gas Quantity0.068 (Metric Tons)
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Unit Details:
Unit Name : GP-Boiler Emissions
Unit Type : OCS (Other combustion source)
Unit Description :
Other Unit Name :
Small Unit Aggregation Details:
Use Ivt Indicator: N
Highest Maximum Rated Heat Input Capacity: 108
Cumulative Maximum Rated Heat Input Capacity: 296.8

Emission Details:
Annual Biogenic CO2 Emissions: 0 (metric tons)
Annual Fossil fuel based CO2 Emissions: 35924.2 (metric tons)

Tier Fuel Details:
Fuel : Natural Gas (Weighted U.S. Average)
Tier Name : Tier 1 (Equation C-1a, natural gas billing in therms)
Tier Methodology Start Date : 2020-01-01
Tier Methodology End Date : 2020-12-31

Fuel Emission Details :
Total CO2 emissionsTotal CH4 emissionsTotal N2O emissionsTotal CH4 emissions CO2eTotal N2O emissions CO2e
35924.2 (Metric Tons) 0.68 (Metric Tons) 0.068 (Metric Tons) 16.9 (Metric Tons) 20.2 (Metric Tons)

Equation C1a/C8a Inputs :
Natural Gas Usage : 6770486.6 (therms/year)