Data Year

Chemours - Corpus Christi Plant

2500 4th Street
Gregory, TX, 78359
Latitude: 27° 55.16' N
Longitude: 97° 17.07' W
GHGRP Id: 1006314
FRS Id: 110071160491
NAICS Code: 325120
Total Facility Emissions in metric tons CO2 equivalent (mt CO2e) (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2) 63,765
Emissions by Gas in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 11,924
Methane (CH4) 6
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) 7
Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) 51,422
Very Short-lived Compounds 6
Other Fully Fluorinated GHGs 400
Emissions by Source/Process in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2)
Stationary Combustion 11,936
Fluorinated GHG Production 51,827
Information on Stationary Combustion
Types of Fuels Used Natural Gas
Measurement Methods Used Mass Balance
Number of equipment groupings 1
Information on Non-CO2 Industrial Gas Supply
Supplier Type Producer