Data Year

Atmos Energy Corporation - Colorado

5430 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX, 75240
Latitude: 32° 55.53' N
Longitude: 96° 48.97' W
GHGRP Id: 1004794
FRS Id: 110070081906
NAICS Code: 221210
Total Facility Emissions in metric tons CO2 equivalent (mt CO2e) (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2) 22,834
Emissions by Gas in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 28
Methane (CH4) 22,806
Information on Natural Gas Distribution
Total number of above grade stations 505
Miles of Distribution Mains 3,236
Number of Distribution Services 109,410
Emissions from Natural Gas Distribution, by Source (mt CO2e)
Other Equipment Leaks 22,833
- Distribution Mains 19,175
- Distribution Services 2,834
- Metering-Regulating Stations 824
Information on Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquid Supply
Volume of natural gas delivered to residential consumers (in Mscf) 7,886,246
Volume of natural gas delivered to commercial consumers (in Mscf) 5,006,878
Volume of natural gas delivered to industrial consumers (in Mscf) 6,074,982
Volume of natural gas delivered to electricity generating facilities (in Mscf) 246,456
CO2 quantity associated with all natural gas delivered (metric tons) 1,046,313
State Territory Covered CO