Data Year

Gulf Coast Fractionator

9500 FM 1942
Mont Belvieu, TX, 77580
Latitude: 29° 51.26' N
Longitude: 94° 55.06' W
GHGRP Id: 1004744
FRS Id: 110042061292
NAICS Code: 211130
Total Facility Emissions in metric tons CO2 equivalent (mt CO2e) (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2) 0
Emissions by Gas in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0
Emissions by Source/Process in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2)
Stationary Combustion 0
Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems 0
Information on Stationary Combustion
Types of Fuels Used Distillate Fuel Oil No. 2, Ethane, Natural Gas
Measurement Methods Used Mass Balance
Number of equipment groupings 2
Information on Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems
Industry Segment(s) Onshore natural gas processing
Information on Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquid Supply
Net GHG quantity (in MT CO2e)