Data Year

Duke Energy Power Delivery Carolinas

526 South Church St
Charlotte, NC, 28202
Latitude: 35° 13.49' N
Longitude: 80° 50.94' W
GHGRP Id: 1009685
FRS Id: 110064038535
NAICS Code: 221121
Total Facility Emissions in metric tons CO2 equivalent (mt CO2e) (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2) 239,099
Emissions by Gas in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs)
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) 239,099
Emissions by Source/Process in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2)
SF6 from Electrical Equipment 239,099
Information on SF6 from Electrical Equipment
Nameplate Capacity of equipment at the beginning of the year, excluding hermetically sealed-pressure switchgear (pounds of Sulfur Hexafluoride) 461981.3
Miles of Transmission lines (carrying voltage above 35 kilovolts) 19341
Miles of Distribution lines (carrying voltages at or below 35 kilovolts) 185272
Facility Service State and Territory North Carolina, South Carolina