Data Year

Tessman Road Landfill

7000 Interstate Hwy 10 East
San Antonio, TX, 78219
Latitude: 29° 26.87' N
Longitude: 98° 21.07' W
GHGRP Id: 1002471
FRS Id: 110071159801
NAICS Code: 562212
Total Facility Emissions in metric tons CO2 equivalent (mt CO2e) (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2) 188,966
Emissions by Gas in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs)
Methane (CH4) 188,966
Emissions by Source/Process in mt CO2e (AR4 GWPs, excluding Biogenic CO2)
Municipal Landfills 188,966
Landfill emissions estimated from modeled methane generation and other factors 283,213
Landfill emissions estimated from methane recovery, destruction and other factors 188,966
Landfills with active landfill gas collection systems must calculate and report GHG emissions in two ways. The results of each are displayed here. Only one of these numbers (in most cases the larger value) is used as the emissions from the landfill. Learn more about calculating emissions at landfills.
Information on Municipal Landfills
Is landfill open? Y
Estimated year of closure (if open) 2062
Last year landfill accepted waste (if closed) 2062
Landfill Capacity 72499337.5283
Does the landfill have an active gas collection system? Y
Capacity of the landfill gas collection system (if used) 6000